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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rosie Live was a bigger flop than Rosie Does the Tennis Coach

Rosie O'Donnells return to television last about as long as a chocolate
eclair would on her nightstand. In what was supposed to be a throwback to
the classic nineteen seventies variety show, Rosie live looked more like the
Jerry Lewis Telethon meets Americas Got Talent. At least with Jerry's kids we
can always look forward to a big donation rolling in or a kid falling out of
his wheelchair. The only potential for entertainment with Rosie Live was
hoping she would realize half way through the show that it was doomed and
she would grab her crotches or drop an angry F-bomb on prime time.

It is hard to fathom that the star studded cast wasn't able to draw more
viewers than 5.04 million. I would bet that there has to be at least a few
thousand Arthur fans around who would tune in to see Liza Minelli. I am not
sure if anyone not having their adult diaper changed knows her for anything
else. I find it distressing that the gay/lesbian/transexual/ClayAiken
community didn't rally around two of their poster children and hold watch
parties while crank calling Mormon churches.

Rosie needs understand that the current "Rosie" is not appealing to most
people. Rosie started off as a nice fat straight woman and we all are
related to one of them. She then became a nasty fat funny straight woman,
and we all have slept with one of them. Next she was just a fat mean
sexually ambiguous kind of funny woman, and we all have had a girlfriend who
was friends with one of those. By the time she joined The View she was just
a miserable butch and everyone hates them. The only predictable path Rosie
seems to take is that she gets fatter and less entertaining and her stem
cells should be harvested to create future dog groomers.

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That was hilarious, although you should let me beta read your stuff before you post. Still, really funny.