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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twenty Five years for three innings. Sounds like my sex life.

The World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays could end tonight during game 5 part B. Part A was held on Sunday at Citizens Ballpark in Philadelphia in what could be compared to a mini hurricane. The baseball gods decided that despite the weather, the game would carry on, and it did right up until the middle of the fifth inning.
With the game tied up a rain delay was called and shortly thereafter it was postponed until the next day, or maybe even the day after that. So everyone went home and held their breath and soaked asses, awaiting the weather report. I sat at home, where I seem to spend all of my time anymore, wondering how it will play out.
If you read my previous post you would know that on Saturday night the cable went out for a time during the game. So several thousand people and myself all initially figured they didn't pay there bill again but we soon realized that it was Comcast cable who was to blame. The next night it was the weathers fault that the Phillies had to wait to clinch their first championship in twenty eight years.

Now there are thousands of people who can't go to tonights game, thousands who will go and just as many who want to go. Three innings, that is all that is left. People are shelling out hundreds of dollars to see an hour of baseball. Granted it is the World Series but it may come out to $5 a minute to watch baseball, that is more than phone sex or a call to Ms. Cleo.
If they win everyone will cheer and high five and then pour out of the stadium and a sea of red will flood the surrounding area, the area which if you don't drive to is free.

I once bought a $7 bottle of vintage wine that I thought was worth much much more. I saved it at a friends upscale restaurant waiting for the perfect girl to share it with. Well long story short When we opened it we smelled vinegar and therefore I had to order another bottle of wine as to not look like not only a jackass but a cheap one at that. I ended up putting out $400 that night and my date put out too, but not $400 worth. In fact I can't think of any vagina that is worth $400 any more than I could justify $500 for three innings of baseball. I can sit home, watch it on TV and then masturbate, all for the $69.95 I pay for cable. Then I'll go dancing in the streets with all of the "hardcore fans"


T said...

Way to say it like it is, FB. Well written & have fun tonight w/all the other hard core fans! Philly fans deserve this!!! Congrats! SB7...

funnebone said...

Thank You!