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Friday, October 3, 2008

Forbidden Love

It isn't too often that you find random love. Finding "the one" can be a gruelling task and when she turns out to be a forbidden love, it is all the more crushing. I stood before her taking in her beauty while I fumbled for my money. The flashing lights intensified my hypnotic state while the music playing above made it all the more surreal. It felt like forever between our first eye contact and her first words but I didn't mind, I had been waiting a lifetime for this moment. As her lips parted and the first syllable escaped her angelic mouth I braced for what I knew was going to be the first of many conversations. " Hi, what cha need?" she asked me in a sexy, ghetto guttural tone. My eyes were drawn to her jet black hair, dyed I assume, which danced upon her shoulders periodically hiding behind her large gold square earrings. " Can I have a Snickers and a blue gatorade" I sheepishly replied, embarrassed that I had to order by color instead of flavor.
The bulletproof glass that separated us was chipped, much like my heart. I leaned against the glass as she turned to walk towards the soda cooler. Her attire was sexy yet simplistic: stone washed jeans with a cross stitch pattern down each leg that revealed her straining flesh, high top off brand sneakers and a pink seemingly airbrushed shirt with cut off sleeves. This was no gold digger, this was a heart breaker.
She swiftly returned to the window, pretending not to notice that my proximity had decreased and my breath had fogged up the glass she leaned forward once again and through the microphone she souls communicated again. " three sisty fie" was broadcast about the empty lot and the drawer jutted out towards me. As the door of the metal box swung open I felt the rush of air that had danced past her body to escape the confines of the small cashier box. Hoping to breath in any scent of hers that may have traveled through the open air, I smiled and filled my lungs with the scent of diesel fuel and the vanilla air freshener hanging just inside the window. I was disappointed but not deterred.
I thanked her for my purchase and noticed her name was written on a gold pendent hanging from her pale and inviting neck. "Michelle" was stamped on the postcard sized medallion. Wanting to build a comfortable familiarity I leaned towards the microphone and pointed to her neck " Michelle?" I asked in an childish tone. She smiled and turned to the side pointing to a large script tattoo on her arm which read " Shelly". She leaned over yet again, pushed the talk button and informed me " I likes to go by Shelly." "well you have a good night Shelly" I quipped back.
"allight" was her parting words.
I returned to my car and didn't look back to see if she was looking for I knew this was not the last of our encounters.

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